Medical Pouches


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DnR LLC offers pouches for the medical industry and products for humanitarian groups.
Features and Benefits:


  • Medical pouches for the packing and supply of THC and CBD oils in vials
  • Pouches are supplied with a childproof zipper and NFC Tagz™ for track and trace
  • Oils are supplied in vials that are childproof and contain a measured amount
  • HotPaQ™ pouches for heating of liquids and foods where no electricity is available
  • SECURE™ no greening product for eradication of bacteria in citrus trees
  • SECURE™ no mite product for protection of beehives



SECURE™ no mite beehive protection 3.5 oz StandUp Pouch

SECURE™ no greening control 3.5 oz StandUp Pouch

HotPaQ™ Pouch